if I were to be Jesus.



If I were to be Jesus, how will I be born?

I would certainly be born in a palace, on a very beautiful baby cot

25th December, well – is not a bad idea

Who will give birth to me?

Certainly a very great and rich king and queen

Then I can truly be the Prince of Peace


What will be the signs that precede my birth?

The star and wise men is not a bad idea

The angels and the shepherd thing, well, maybe the whole heavens filled with angels and bright lights

Then the whole world will know that a great bay is born


Who will come and visit me on my birthday?

Well, great kings and queens, the wise men for sure, all who are well to do


What kind of gifts do I want?

Gold, frankincense…

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“Kelvin Prince Boateng has not shown enough patriotism during this world cup qualifier.”

a lot of Ghanaians questioned Essien’s commitment to the Ghanaian team during the time when he took a break from playing for the team during his injury. But most Ghanaians have realized his commitment to the team since the world cup qualifiers begun. During the Ghana-versus-Egypt match you could see how patriotic  he was . Kelvin Prince Boateng on the other hand continues to annoy most Ghanaians by continually giving excuses after excuses concerning his reasons for not playing.

a lot of Ghanaians point to the fact that it was through the opportunity given to him by the coach of the Ghana Black stars during the world cup at South Africa which exposed him to be noticed by top teams such as Schalke. 

Other Ghanaians also believe that this is another way for the Schalke star to have a smooth sail and play on the big matches at Brazil.

I don’t know whether all this speculations are true but it is up to Kelvin Prince Boateng to keep true to his citizenship as a Ghanaian and be patriotic and help the Black Stars raise the flag of Ghana higher.


Just what the doctor ordered

Ghanaians need to be more patriotic…

This is Vinnie (iCartoonist)

We won! We won!! We beat Egypt by 6 goals to 1. Proudest 90 Ghanaian minutes of my life. That’s the thing about football: it has the power to unite us, to get the whole nation high. It’s the new opium of the masses. Religion, well.. it isn’t opium anymore. In the West, it’s paracetamol; in Ghana, it’s crack. But football and what it does to us….. Yesterday for about 2 hours everybody forgot about the price of fuel, the rising cost of food, rent, water and the shitload of shit (excuse my french) we’re going through as a country. That’s the power of football.


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a group of prostitutes ECOWAP(economic confedration of west african prostitutes) ask the president to legalize prostitution in Ghana.

these prostitutes are from all over West Africa but have their livelihoods in Ghana. They have asked the President His Excellency John Dramani Mahama to legalize prostitution. Thus making it easier for them to charge higher fees for their services. They would like their job to be called SEX TRADE and not PROSTITUTION.